Remote Book/Manuscript Editor

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About Us:

We are a Peterborough based publishing house made up of multiple divisions across all areas of print on demand, from children’s books, to poetry anthologies, to school yearbooks. We currently have a vacancy for a Remote Editor in our self-publishing department, Spiderwize. This department helps authors to turn their manuscripts into professionally designed books available for sale online across the world. We pride ourselves on providing professional services for authors who decide to publish their own work independently of a traditional publishing house.

The Role:

This role involves reading, evaluating and editing raw manuscripts submitted by authors in need of self-publishing services. This means we cover a wide range of genres and styles including:

  • Memoirs and Biographies
  • Novels
  • Poetry
  • Children’s Books
  • Non-fiction

We are looking for candidates who have a passion for literature and the English language, with superb spelling and grammar, and excellent analytical skills. You will also need to adhere to strict deadlines and read/edit at a rate which meets with our current standards.

This is a flexible role where the successful candidate will be able to specify how many hours per week they will be able to commit to on an ad hoc basis. Evaluations and edits will be offered as and when requested by the author (a deadline and estimate of hours required will be specified). Work can be sent remotely so the successful candidate does not need to be based in Peterborough however they will be required to stick to the deadlines given for each piece of work.


  • Superb grasp of spelling and grammar.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Knowledge of different genres and literary styles.
  • An understanding of the key aspects to be assessed when editing both fiction and non-fiction books:
    • Story
    • Author’s voice and style
    • Points of View
    • Dialogue
    • Consistency
    • Factual accuracy
  • The ability to clearly and sensitively communicate with and provide constructive criticism to authors.
  • Ability to work independently to strict deadlines.
  • Competency with Microsoft Word and Adobe (particularly tracking/comment functions).
  • Access to a computer or laptop capable of running Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader/Acrobat.


  • Editorial experience working on fiction and non-fiction works.
  • English degree or relevant equivalent qualification.
  • Ability to attend the Peterborough office on occasion for training, etc.