Putting 'super powers' behind the print for Peterborough's Bonacia

"With our two Xerox Nuvera digital printing presses from First Copy, we now benefit from faster, consistent print runs with the flexibility to switch between the two with no quality issues saving us time, money and stress!"

Having made rapid and substantial growth, Peterborough's Print Group Bonacia needed to invest in faster, more consistent and higher quality, digital printers for producing paperback books for its customers.

"With our slogan being the 'power behind the print', we had to seriously look at upgrading our 3 ageing printers to substantially increase our power to not only meet demand but to future proof the business" says Bonacia's Managing Director Rosie Whitelock.

Running at an average of 2.5 million pages per month, Bonacia needed to use all its printers at maximum capacity and this is where they started running into difficulty. The various devices produced very different levels of print quality, were slow and cumbersome and breakdowns were becoming more frequent.

"Getting service and parts for our dated printers through various third parties often meant we had far too much downtime which was costing us money and added stress" explains Carl Whitelock, Production Manager. Producing mono paperbacks, which often have photos of people in them, need devices which can produce high quality, greyscale images with good contrast to produce accurate skintone and their existing printers, using old technology, were just not up to the job".

Working closely with First Copy, Bonacia were introduced to the Xerox Nuvera range and initially installed the impressive 314 Press which is now doing the job of 2 1⁄2 of its older printers. 8 months later they installed a Nuvera 157 and haven't looked back.

"We now benefit from faster, consistent print runs with the flexibility of being able to switch between printers with no quality issues. So far we are saving time and money, use one point of contact for all service and support and have plenty of print capacity within the Xerox printers for the growth we have planned. We have an excellent relationship with First Copy and find the Xerox Nuvera range, fast, efficient, flexible and easy to use" adds Carl.